The Women’s March is Not Feminism: Why BLMC will not go to the 2018 Cincinnati Women’s March

There is no place for Black Lives Matter: Cincinnati in the 2018 Cincinnati Women’s March. Despite our unshaken belief that women’s liberation is essential to black liberation, our political principles are at odds with the “Hear Our Vote” theme for this year’s march. Furthermore, we recognize that the national event and its sister marches (like […]

Open Letter to St. Louis protesters and families affected by police brutality

To St. Louis protesters and families affected by police brutality: Black Lives Matter: Cincinnati (BLMC) fights in solidarity with you. We are outraged by the murder of Anthony Lamar Smith and the recent acquittal of his murderer. We are sickened by killings of Mike Brown Jr, Cary Ball Jr, VonDerrit Myers Jr, and the corruption […]

BLMC Sends Solidarity to Anti-White Supremacist and Anti-Fascist Fighters in Charlottesville, VA

In early August, Charlottesville, Virginia saw a fear campaign by white supremacists and fascists. Thousands of Nazis, KKK members, and other white fascist groups (aka the “alt right”) descended on areas surrounding the University of Virginia to intimidate residents, who rightfully supported the removal of a shrine to a racist Confederate leader. On the night […]

Arrest, Indict and Convict Cop Who Shot Jordan Edwards

Roy Oliver of the Balch Springs Police Department shot 15-year-old Jordan Edwards in the head and killed him on May 1, 2017. Cops initially lied, claiming the car was backing aggressively toward them, setting up the all-to-usually “feared for my life” refrain. Bodycam footage revealed that the car was actually moving away from police who […]


On May 16, 2016, Kevin Neri, a 19-year-old Black man was murdered, unarmed and in cold blood, in his driveway by Earl Jones, a 24-year-old white man. Jones was the ex-boyfriend and father to the child of Kevin’s girlfriend at the time of the shooting. Kevin’s girlfriend is white. According to reports, Jones started racially […]