It’s the INSTITUTION!: Fight Racism in Public Schools

The Black Lives Matter Cincinnati (BLMC) Second Saturday Discussion Series turns its attention toward the racist incidents recently revealed in mainstream media, taking place in schools around the Greater Cincinnati area. Many students, parents and others are outraged at these blatant displays of racism, cultural ignorance and sexism. But are these isolated incidents? Do they […]

Cincy ‘Take A Knee’ Caravan heads to Minnesota

Delegation will join national conference during Superbowl to highlight racism, cop brutality By Brian Taylor Black Lives Matter: Cincinnati CINCINNATI, Ohio — A delegation of 19 people will depart for Minneapolis February 2 to participate in “2018 Take A Knee Conference and Rally,” scheduled for Feb 3-4. Subtitled, “Race, Police Violence and the Right To […]

Feb. 10: Mass Action & Movement Building

February 10, 4:30 — 6:30 pm. Discussion series event will take up BLMC principles 7,9&10. These principles address the type of movement that needs to be built to combat the institutional exploitation and oppression we are subject to and where the power to take on the profit driven rulers comes from. Refreshments will be available. […]

BLMC Education Forum

Saturday, January 20, 2018 at 3 PM – 5 PM Black Lives Matter Cincinnati Education Committee wants to share what we have been doing to increase racial education and awareness and work to empower the youth in our surrounding communities. This forum will discuss Freedom Schools (past and present), READ After-school programs and the School […]

13th on the 13th: Ava DuVernay Film Showing

FREE ADMISSION with gladly accepted and much needed donations. Join Black Lives Matter: Cincinnati for a film showing of Ava DuVernay’s compelling documentary: “13th.” The film illuminates the U.S. prison system and how the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution allows for legalized slavery. It further evidences the profit drive behind locking people up and […]