Students Organize Community Meeting Against Mass Incarceration

BY JAKE DINGLER (Black Lives Matter Cincinnati) On Monday, February 26, the students of Aiken high school hosted a powerful presentation on mass incarceration in America.  More than 100 people attended. Aiken Students Against Mass Incarceration (ASAMI) is a class project brought to fruition by Aiken history teacher John Klingler led by his students.  students […]

“Free Palestinian Fighter, Ahed Tamimi!”

Ahed Tamimi, a 17-year-old Palestinian activist, was arrested on December 19, 2017, accused of slapping an Israeli soldier in Nabi Salih, West Bank, during protests several days earlier. Nariman, her mother, filmed the incident.  When she went to the police to assist her, she was arrested too. Nariman’s cousin was also arrested and later released. […]

BLMC Speaks on Mass Action and Movement Building

One of the common misconceptions about Black Lives Matter: Cincinnati is that we are a black culture group or black civic organization. In reality, our organization is focused on the struggles of black people (as well as other oppressed people) BUT we are also a revolutionary political organization that believes mass action is the way […]

It’s the INSTITUTION!: Fight Racism in Public Schools

The Black Lives Matter Cincinnati (BLMC) Second Saturday Discussion Series turns its attention toward the racist incidents recently revealed in mainstream media, taking place in schools around the Greater Cincinnati area. Many students, parents and others are outraged at these blatant displays of racism, cultural ignorance and sexism. But are these isolated incidents? Do they […]

Facts Revealed: Local UWS Leadership Comportment and the “Women’s March”

All Cincinnati community organizers and community members concerned with social equity need to read this message. Black Lives Matter Cincinnati (BLMC) resigned itself to suffer the negative opinions some might harbor towards us for refusing to participate in the United We Stand (UWS) march and rally. We chose not to release damning information that supported […]