On July 19th, 2015, (former) University of Cincinnati (UC) police officer, Ray Tensing stopped Sam Dubose for a missing front license plate. This stop ended with Tensing shooting Dubose point-blank in the head. After two trials resulting in hung juries, the city of Cincinnati decided not to proceed with a third trial. The US department of justice is currently reviewing the case in decision of whether or not to bring Tensing to trial on federal charges, as well as investigating misconduct in the first two trials.

After it was decided that a third trial in Cincinnati would not take place, Tensing filed a wrongful termination suit against UC, asking for back-pay, legal fees, and full reinstatement to the force. This suit was settled out of court late last week, when the University of Cincinnati agreed to pay $100,000 in legal fees, as well as over $244,000 in back-pay and lost benefits.

During the course of this case, ample evidence of misconduct on the part of Ray Tensing was brought to light, including habitually reaching into cars during stops and opening car doors from the inside, as the video from the Dubose stop showed him trying to do. This alone would be grounds for termination, leaving one to wonder why this frivolous suit was even considered, let alone settled.

The fact remains that Tensing was wearing a confederate flag T-shirt when he killed DuBose.

Ray Tensing is legally considered neither guilty nor innocent due to no verdict being issued in the course of two trials. This void of decision would, in any semblance of sanity, be considered a glaring conflict of interest, making it impossible for Tensing to be reinstated as a University officer.

The University of Cincinnati saw fit to overlook these pitfalls, and consider Tensing’s viability of service such to the extent that an offer of financial settlement was made.  The financial settlement is equal to over 5 times the average annual household income in Cincinnati and equivalent to 31 years of tuition at UC. Make no mistake, this is blood money.

Why would the administration refuse to fight for his firing? Because — ultimately — they defend, support and protect police. This is also why two cops who lied initially to corroborate Tensing’s lying story — UC officers Kidd and Lindenschmidt — are still employed and patrolling the campus and surrounding streets at the University of Cincinnati.

Ray Tensing killed Sam DuBose in broad daylight, with a camera rolling, while wearing the University of Cincinnati logo on his badge, and that same institution is paying this killer cop over a quarter of a million dollars for his crimes. The University of Cincinnati has said loud and clear that it is more concerned with protecting cops and its “good name”than it is with protecting the public. The blood from this cop stop turned killing lies square in the hands of the University administration.